Closing Remarks


My survey of Hammelman covers was started to answer some questions I had about Henry’s servicing of Scott E12 and 563 FDCs. The attentive reader knows that the survey did indeed provide positive feedback. The survey indicates that Henry serviced three different typewritten covers for E12. He also serviced four different typewritten covers for Scott 563. And also for Scott 563, the H2 covers addressed to Mr. D.R. Niblack where the address was applied over an erased Henry Hammelman address. If you are interested in these covers or in general E12 or 563 FDCs, I have over the last forty years maintained surveys of those covers. My findings are summarized, with photos, at the following web sites:
Scott 563 FDCs
Scott E12 FDCs

First Flight Covers

My extensive collection of Hammelman serviced FFCs can be viewed at


I wish I had started my Hammelman research many years earlier than I did. There is undoubtedly much information about Henry that went to the grave with those who knew Henry and bought his covers. I will continue to seek more information about Henry and will update this offering whenever possible.

Henry Hammelman Recap

I believe an interesting way to summarize Henry’s career is to assemble a hypothetical one-frame exhibit of his covers. To be competitive, the exhibit must tell a story that has a beginning, a middle, and an ending, not just be a collection of desirable philatelic items.


Page Purpose of Page Items on Page
1 Title page: Introduction and Henry’s USPOD Photo I.D.
2 First Known Cover 1911 coil wrapper
3 First Known FDC 1913 Parcel Post wrapper
4 First FDC to Himself Parcel Post Civil War Patriotic cover
  First FDC to USPOD Employee Printed Parcel Post cover
5 Washington-Franklin EDU Combination FDC: Sc. 407,415,419,420
6 First FDCs in Quantity Sc. 537 Victory block of six
    Sc. 548-50 Pilgrim combination cover
7 Fourth Bureau Dollar Covers Sc. 572, 573 FDCs
8 Fourth Bureau Combination FDCs Two covers
9 H1 and H2 Scripts Sc. 563 Niblack cover with supplement showing
    tracing of erased Hammelman address
10 More Script Relationships Summary of Washington bicentennial FDCs
    with H1 and H2 scripts, two covers
11 Typewritten Cover Analysis H1 and T covers addressed to same USPOD employee
12 Special Delivery Rate Covers Two January 1, 1923 covers
    USA to Canada, Canada to USA
13 First Flight Covers Pane, long strip, large block covers
14 Pioneer Stamp Company 1936 price list cover with a cover addressed
    to the Pioneer Stamp Company
15 Later Covers Covers addressed to Hammelman, Nathan, Weiner
16 Last Known Cover and Sentiment 1948 Parcel Post cover
    Mittermeier’s closing remarks about his friend

Jerry A. Katz (AFDCS 9255)

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